[codebean_section_title title=”Lightboxes & Galleries” title_size=”large” title_color=”#ffffff” title_text_align=”center” margin_bottom=”2″ width=””][codebean_section_subtitle color=”#ffffff” text_align=”center” text=”Display images, videos in a lightbox modal window.” width=””]

Video Embed Lightbox

Choose a banner image for video and link to youtube, vimeo or any other site to lightbox.

[codebean_video_banner video_link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnKkFzq2TqY” video_banner=”734″]
[codebean_gallery images=”914,913,912,911,910,909,908,907″ img_size=”full” view=”grid” columns=”4″]

Gallery Images Grid

Place images and choose to show with action lightbox. You can add external link too.

Gallery Carousel

Choose carousel mode for gallery, add links, lightbox or none for on click actions.

[codebean_gallery images=”909,911,910,907,908,914,912,913″ img_size=”full” view=”carousel” slides_per_view=”3″ autoplay=”true” show_pagination_control=”true” show_prev_next_buttons=”true”]
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